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2017 Multisensory Nanyin Banquet

2017 Multisensory Nanyin Banquet

Siong Leng was founded in Singapore in 1941, and over the years, has been preserving and developing the ancient art of Nanyin and Liyuan Opera, which has origins in Quanzhou, Fujian. Nanyin has been recognised by UNESCO in 2009 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and is one of the oldest living musical artforms in the world.

The Multisensory Banquet is an annual tradition of Siong Leng Musical Association. Since the first banquet in 2009, people from all walks of life come together to join us in this unique and multisensorial event every year. The Multisensory Banquet aims to invigorate the five senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. This is achieved with a combination of Nanyin music, specially curated dishes, tea appreciation, and many more, which helps us to create a different atmosphere and experience for our guests.

One photograph, two ethnic groups, three different cultures - this is the unique label of the Peranakan Chinese.

In the course of preserving their culture, the Peranakan Chinese, with typical pioneering spirit, headed West in search of greater knowledge and more advanced technology. Upon their return, they put their knowledge to good use and have played key roles in the enrichment of the Peranakan culture.

This year, we will be presenting a spectacular feast on the theme of “Intrepid Spirit”. Besides showcasing the melodious Nanyin features, the feasts will also portray the charms of the Peranakans through songs and music, food and tea. The event will be a visual-cum-culinary treat, bringing to you some of the most exquisite moments of this thousand-year musical genre. As you savour the fragrant tea, you can also take in the sights of the genteel tea utensils on display. Truly a feast of sight, sound and palate!