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2019 Memoirs of Nanyang

2019 Memoirs of Nanyang

A Siong Leng Musical Association’s production commissioned by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

One photograph, two ethnic groups, three different cultures – this is the unique label of the Peranakan Chinese.

In the course of preserving their culture, the Peranakan Chinese, with a typical pioneering spirit, headed West in search of greater knowledge and more advanced technology. Upon their return, they put their knowledge to good use and have played key roles in the enrichment of the Peranakan culture.

This spectacular performance on the theme of “Intrepid Spirit” will showcase melodious Nanyin features and portray the charms of the Peranakans, bringing you some of the most exquisite moments of this thousand-year musical genre. Immerse yourself into the warmth of home and a cultural feast for the eyes and ears, through the elegance of Nanyin.