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2019 X SHI YAN

2019 X SHI YAN

This year, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Siong Leng Musical Association’s multisensory Nanyin banquet series, a multi-sensorial production that invigorates one’s five senses. Throughout the 10 years, Siong Leng has been upholding traditions while challenging barriers to achieve cohesion with innovation, creating her own unique sound of Nanyin.

This year’s banquet titled , is a multi-faceted production, featuring <十。宴> , a specially curated 10-course feast, a <实。验>, an experimental production which synthesises traditional and contemporary elements, and <视。演>, a multi-sensorial production that revitalizes an ancient art.

With that said, this year’s banquet will be a concoction of ideas and designs by professionals from different fields, conceptualised by Celestina Wang, Lin Shao Ling, Lim Chin Huat, Seow Ming Xian, Seow Ming Fong, and featuring, Goh Laichan (Couturier), Ng Kang Kee (Pop Composer), Yong Rong Zhao (Sound Designer), Gabriel Chan (Lighting Designer) and Aw Wei Zheng (Assistant Sound Designer).

Experience the revolutionization of one ancient art form through a limitless and boundless production of both traditional and contemporary elements. Immerse in the playful render of art and illumination, exploring the rich and complex influence of new-age technology on the contrasting elements of traditional Nanyin. Delight in purposefully customized menu complemented by beautiful plating, highlighting an eye for details in creating a multisensorial experience. Delve in and celebrate with Siong Leng as we travel through new explorations, discovering glimpses of experimentational Nanyin in the new age.